Rick Perry Is Not a Neanderthal, Says Rick Perry

The Governor of Texas and possible presidential aspirant compares homosexuality to alcoholism—and that was just the beginning of his scientific know-nothingism

Can Anyone Stop Rick Perry In 2016?

From a distance, it looks like everything is aligned for Rick Perry to be the Republican nominee for president in 2016.

Where Rick Perry's Campaign Went Wrong

Rick Perry's campaign is in a bunker. On the first floor of 804 Congress St. in Austin, a 1970s building with a redbrick front, 45 people are trying to figure...

Scary Perry Isn’t a Winning Strategy

As a child in Paint Creek, Texas, Rick Perry was not great at clod fights, the rural Texas version of snowball fights that involve throwing clumps of dirt at one...

Five Reasons Rick Perry Will Survive…For Now

Sure, Rick Perry blew his chance to reboot his campaign last week and spent much of the weekend doing damage control – through humor and a quiet debate...

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