Dream Weaver

After a stint in Silicon Valley, entrepreneur Bel Pesce is teaching Brazilians to embrace innovation one download at a time

Why Schools Can’t Teach Sex Ed

[time-anchor title="By Alexandra Sifferlin"] In spring 2014, parents in the normally progressive Bay Area city of Fremont, California, started a campaign to get...

We Are 43 Short

Mexicans stand by their missing students, refusing to move on and look away this time

Morning Must Reads: November 12

Ferguson Braces for the Worst Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon laid out steps to maintain order in the St. Louis area, amid fears that violence could greet a grand jury’s...

Arctic Blast Takes Aim at Millions of Americans

Heavy snow and freezing temperatures swept through the Upper Midwest on Monday, with parts of Minnesota, Montana and Wisconsin getting around a foot of powder,...

Five Best Ideas of the Day: October 8

1. Quotas can cause lasting change. Rwanda’s new parliament is more than 60% female. By Eleanor Whitehead in This Is Africa 2. With open communication and smart...

Tips for Stopping Identity Theft

This has been a good year for hackers. To date, businesses, medical centers, banks and schools have suffered some 578 data breaches, exposing over 76 million...

The Delta Blues

Two town meetings, two very different kinds of despair