U.K. Counterterror Police Detain 2 Men

(LONDON) — British police have arrested two men arriving at the busy southern England port of Dover on suspicion of involvement in terrorism overseas, and seized...


DIED Emile Griffith, 75, Boxing Hall of Fame inductee and five-time welterweight and middleweight champion. He gained unwanted fame for the fatal beating he gave...

Happy Boring & Dull Day!

Residents of the two unfortunately named towns -- one in Orgeon, the other in Scotland -- want you to know that they're not as uninteresting as they sound

A Hole in Half

Half a meal rarely satisfies. So why would nine holes of golf? Well, because 18 is a sit-down dinner, and we live in a fast-food age. "You still get the golf...

The Hunt for the Bomber

The hunt for the killer behind Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings began within minutes of the attacks.