Photo Essays

The Streets of Istanbul

Cultures co-exist in the storied ancient Turkish metropolis. Photographs by Q. Sakamaki / Redux

The Year in Protest 2013

Three years after crowds in Tunisia forced long-time dictator President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali into flight, and kicked off what would later be termed the “Arab...

Turkey Decides

Truth and Justice wins the day, but can it live up to its name


A violent earthquake rips through southeastern Turkey, leveling buildings and trapping hundreds of children in the ruins of their school dormitory. Rescue...

Bird Flu Lands in Turkey

Thee children are dead and many other cases of infection are reported as the much-feared disease is discovered on Europe's doorstep

Terror By Proxy

British targets in Turkey are attacked by terrorist bombers

May Day Disaster

One of Turkey's biggest-ever earthquakes leaves scores dead and many more homeless