The Bugs at the Watergate

Walking his late-night rounds at Washington's Watergate office building, a security guard spotted the tape blocking the bolt on a basement door.... He called police, and a three-man squad found two more taped locks—as well as a jimmied door leading into the shadowy offices of the Democratic National Committee on the sixth floor.


Chuck Colson

Charles Colson, who died on April 21 at 80, spent close to half his life atoning for sins. As the hatchet man and master of dirty tricks for Richard Nixon,...

Charles Colson, from TIME’s Archives

TIME traced Colson’s career from the high-profile Watergate scandal to his final years as a well-known radio host and compassionate minister.

The Man Who Was Deep Throat: Chasing Mark Felt

No one likes a snitch, but Mark Felt, the former FBI agent who late in life revealed himself as the great mystery man known as Deep Throat, performed an act of...

Inside Watergate's Last Chapter

He's a confused old man now with a prosaic name, but he will live forever in American history as Deep Throat. The real W. Mark Felt, the FBI bureaucrat unveiled...

Milestones Feb. 24, 2003

DIED. RONALD ZIEGLER, 63, President Nixon's defiant, clueless press aide during the Watergate scandal; of a heart attack; in Coronado, Calif. Ziegler was only 29...

Why Whitewater Isn't Watergate

Watergate. Whitewater. Both contain the letters w-a-t-e-r. Adopt the fashion of attaching the suffix -gate to any scandal whatsoever (remember Ice Cream- Gate?...

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