What Ebola Taught the World One Year Later

On March 5, Liberian physicians discharged Beatrice Yardolo, an English teacher, from the hospital, hoping that she would be their last Ebola patient...

Five Best Ideas of the Day: February 4

1. ISIS is bringing recruits onto the battlefield faster than we can kill them. By Tim Mack and Nancy A. Youssef in the Daily Beast 2. If body cameras become...

Ebola-Stricken Families to Receive Cash Payments

In 2015, the three Ebola-affected countries will start offering cash payments for families hit by Ebola, as well as survivors having trouble re-acclimating to...

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Protests in Prague

Thousands flood the streets of the Czech capital to demonstrate against the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and globalization

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Green Column: How to Save for a Disaster

The World Bank is helping support a study that will focus on the financing programs needed to cope with the risks of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. ...