The kind of history that proposed big round answers to large historical questions or propounded Toynbee-like views of man's drift simply did not show in '55...

Books: World War II Trio

These three books about World War II were written in bitterness. Two deal with ill-fated ventures on the Allied side, the third with Japan's defeat in the air...

The Press: World War II

What this country needs, said President Roosevelt at a press conference in April 1942, is a good name for the war. After getting thousands of suggestions, he...

BATTLE OF BRITAIN: Verdun of World War II

Liverpool, Bristol, Southampton, Ports mouth, Plymouth, London. The roll of British ports bombed last week sounded more like a train announce ment than a report...

The Secret Service Thinks We Are Fools

Its excuses after this weekend's breach are ridiculous and revealing of a troubled culture. The agency needs a new, outside director to clean house.

No Soldier Left Behind

The return of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from captivity is no simple feel-good story. That makes it an ideal symbol for the end of the Afghanistan war

None Dare Call It Ransom

Troops weigh in on the wisdom of swapping one of their own for imprisoned Taliban leaders